Island residents

Samantha and Odie

were just as happy

staying home on a

​hot summer day...

Service dogs, truly are a fine example, of mans best friend...​

Falling food is

no match

for this feller...

Cuteness Factor 11..

This pooch sure

has a big smile!!

Penny and Nickel have that "six sense" for music..

This dog was left in sun a bit too long..

"Cold" Florida day....

Wanted to sit in with the band...

Abby is a "local" regular, and familiar patron at Archies...

This senior pooch

was just here for

a cold water bowl :)

"I know you're not holding out on those fries.."

Gunny is AHOD and ready to party...

A continuing montage, of our favorite four-legged fans...

...But not these two.. Enjoying the sunshine

Jackson, another localer, enjoying the ocean breezes..

Libby hung for hours, despite

her fluffy mink coat..

Six pack of pooches

on a busy January night

at Manatee Island..

Stocky BT feller

just hangin' and

observin' the band...